Wheel Alignment in Montreal: why your car needs a wheel alignment after each winter

The Process of Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Montreal

Wheel alignment is essential for anyone driving in the city. As anyone who’s spent at least some time driving in Montreal will know, the winters here can have a disastrous consequence on the roads. Those effects influence your gas mileage and how long your tires last. You might not think hitting a pothole did much to your car, but you may need a wheel alignment.

Montreal’s cold, snowy winters are just variable enough to drag the temperature back and forth across the freezing mark. When the ice and snow melt, the water can seep into cracks in the roadway surface, and the water can filter down among the asphalt particles that form the road’s surface.

When the temperature drops again and freezes that water, the resulting ice can expand enough to crack apart the granules of asphalt. And if the water reached the ground underneath the asphalt and then refroze, the ground can heave up a bit due to the frost.

These two factors result, over time, in potholes forming around the city. The winter of 2015-2016 was particularly bad. The Montreal Gazette reported in April 2016 that the effects this winter were three times as bad as they usually are.

The effects of poor roads on wheel alignment

When your car hits a pothole, the impact can significantly affect your car’s suspension or wheel alignment. If you drive for a while with a misaligned tire, it can wear down the tire tread unevenly; reducing your gas mileage and making the tire break down prematurely.

A misaligned tire can cause your car to feel shakier, making your daily drive less comfortable. And some potholes are so severe that they can cause damage to the underside of your car. If you get a regular wheel alignment with each tire change, our technicians can spot these problems before they become a lot worse. Our tire care specialists at Gordon’s recommend that wheel alignments are carried out every 50,000 km.

When you get a wheel alignment at Gordon’s Tires, our mechanics check all the different angles and suspension parts that control how your tire moves. They fine-tune these parts so that the tire sits and rolls properly and make sure the steering wheel is also in the proper position. We only use computerized alignment programs that enable us to make very precise wheel alignments for our clients.

If you are considering a wheel alignment for your car, we invite you to book an appointment today. Checkout our wheel alignment in Montreal promotion to help you save a few bucks along the way. We also invite you to contact us if you have any questions about the wheel alignment service.


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