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Today’s cars and today’s drivers aren’t the same as their predecessors were years ago. The way you drive now is quite a bit different from your parents or grandparents, who didn’t have GPS systems, built in monitors to watch videos or cameras that assisted in parallel parking, or just did the parking for you!

In the same way, the cars themselves are also quite a bit different, much more computerized, and more integrated into our online world, with a suite of advanced mechanical and digital systems. Some of them don’t even use liquid fuel anymore and run on electricity. With all of these advances, however, your car can still stand to benefit from a regular tune-up, though what that entails in the 21st century is a bit different.

Fewer Parts To Fix

With older cars that had no digitally monitored, precision control systems, there was a lot of “loose” or moving parts that would eventually need to tightened, adjusted, or otherwise recalibrated on a regular basis to restore optimal operating efficiency. This kind of car tuning is where most people get their idea of a “tune-up” from. Without this regular attention, a car’s performance would get worse and worse and more parts required readjustment.

Today’s car tune-up, while still important, targets a different set of components in modern automobiles. Spark plugs are still the perennial part that benefits from getting cleaned or replaced to ensure good performance. But fuel filters, air filters and parts like belts, hoses, and various fluids—like for brakes! —should also be looked at to make sure that everything is in good shape and, if not, replaced or replenished.

We’ll Take Care Of It

At Gordons, we know all about making sure the wheels of your car are in good shape, but we extend our knowledge and expertise to everything from the car tuning to the air conditioning that keeps you cool in the summer. If you’re interested in giving your car a tune-up to keep it in shape for the rest of the year, come to us and let us handle it! And don’t be shy when it comes to taking advantage of any special deals or promotions we may be offering like the Road Ready Car Care Package!


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