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Everyone in Montreal knows our winters can be long and snow filled so we prepare our vehicles accordingly.

One thing that sometimes gets overlooked until it is too late is how hot and humid our summers can be. Air conditioning is standard in almost all vehicles these days. From daily commutes to work or to play or for the long trips outside of the city, air conditioning can be a lifesaver. If your air conditioning isn’t doing the job and leaving you hot under the collar, the technicians at Gordons will be happy to help you out.

A car’s air conditioning system can develop a myriad of problems over time; from small leaks to clutch or compressor problems. The technicians at Gordons will diagnose your air condition system to get you back on the road in comfort. Whether it be an air conditioning service that is required to get you back into the chill that you’re accustomed to or a mechanical part that needs to be changed you will be advised on the best course to take in order to stay frosty this summer.

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Where do I get my air conditioning system checked?

At Gordons, our qualified technicians will be happy to see that your air conditioning system keeps your summer time commutes as comfortable as possible. Contact us to learn more.


Our Gordons team will take care of the
problem and have you on your way quickly!

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