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A modern car consists of many complex mechanical parts and digital technologies that all work together to deliver a seamless, easy, driving experience. All of this is aimed at making sure that drivers enjoy a certain amount of stability on the road, as well as the control they need for any situation.

This is why Gordons, in addition to looking out for the wheels that carry you along the road, can also help with the things that direct your wheels, as well as keep your ride stable, your steering, and suspension.

Power Is Nothing Without Control

Steering is one of the most critical components of a good automobile experience. If you can’t make a car go where you want it to, when you need it to, you’re a danger not just to other drivers on the road but to any passengers that you may have in the car with you.

Gordons makes sure that if you’re having any trouble with your steering, you can come in and get it checked out quickly and thoroughly by knowledgeable professionals. We know regaining precision control of your car is important to you and others on the road, and we take this work seriously.

Smoothing Out The Ride

Suspension is one of the unsung heroes of the car driving experience. It may not have the same obvious function as steering or braking, but without suspension, car trips would be a lot rougher, and cars wouldn’t last as long they currently do without needing much more constant, expensive maintenance.

It is the suspension in your car that absorbs shock and prevents cars from bouncing, shaking or otherwise roughing things up when the road itself isn’t all that smooth. This is especially true for drivers who take their cars off-road, where jolts and shakes can be much more prominent. Without proper suspension, all that shaking and sudden, applied force would transfer directly to both people in a vehicle, as well as parts of the engine, resulting in potential harm to passengers, as well as damage to the car itself.

Gordons Can Fix It

Whether you have a problem with your tires, or you need to get back more control of your steering, want a smoother ride or a solution to any other issue with your car, we can help. As a proud, local business with decades of experience in Montreal, we know what it’s like to drive in this city, no matter what the season, and we’re always ready to help restore cars to full efficiency so that people can return to the road in confidence.


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