Spring check-up

The process of spring check up

Spring check-up for your car can be done while your tires are being changed from the winter to the summer ones. Spring check-up is definitely recommended for older cars or light trucks.

Indeed, cars or trucks six, seven, ten years old or even older need to be carefully maintained not only for safety’s sake but also in order to keep them running as far as possible. Milleage is not a negative factor if everything is kept in perfect running condition.

When changing your wheels and tires, the car will be on a lift allowing the technician to verify for leaks, worn parts, mostly steering parts, exhaust even rusted brake or fuel lines. He might notice some rust areas needing immediate repair. Why not ask him to proceed to an oil change (which is recommended in Spring as the engine has been injected with extra fuel when its was started during the cold season).

A spring check-up is the right time to have all the liquids verified, sometimes topped off. Your technician will surely look for dried out or even slightly cracked hoses and lines in order to avoid a breakdown later on.

Spring check-up inspection

During the inspection, the mechanic should check and replace if necessary all filters including the engine air filter and the interior air filter. An older car might require the replacement of battery wires (while you’re at it, why not ask the technician to verify the state of the battery). And why not change the wiper blades on the vehicle. It’s not a very expensive operation yet, it should help you so much better during summer rains.

Obviously, if you are having the tires changed, the technician will be able to tell if the vehicle needs to have a wheel alignment. He will also make sure the wheels are balanced, if you ask for it. In other words, your vehicle should be ready to tackle the sunny season in good shape.

By the way, if you own a new or leased car, it is not necessary to have all that maintenance done at the dealership. The better part of it can be done at a professional shop like Gordon’s. The detailed invoice should act as a proof you have had your car well maintained.

If you have any questions about spring check-up, tire change, oil change, wheel alignement or any other questions about your car, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.


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